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Healthcare Staffing


Delivering "Kind" Care, Transforming Healthcare 

Kindcare is not just a medical staffing agency; it's a compassionate movement, born from a singular mission to deliver kindness at every touchpoint of healthcare. What started as a humble agency has now blossomed into a leading provider of nursing and medical assistant staffing services, serving healthcare facilities across Indiana, Michigan, and Washington. 

Our Dedication: "Kind" Care Beyond Boundaries 

At Kindcare, we're dedicated to extending the reach of genuine, compassionate care. Our core focus is twofold: providing rewarding job opportunities for medical professionals and delivering essential staffing services to facilities in need of nursing resources. We bridge the gap between healthcare talent and institutions, ensuring seamless access to quality care for patients in our communities. 

Our Vision: Navigating the Ever-Changing Healthcare Landscape 

Kindcare operates with a clear vision: to navigate the ever-changing world of healthcare while making a positive and lasting difference. We understand that healthcare is dynamic, and we embrace this dynamism as an opportunity to innovate and improve. By adapting to the evolving needs of the industry, we remain at the forefront of healthcare excellence. 

A Commitment to "Kind" Care 

Kindcare's foundation is built on the principles of kindness and compassion. We believe that true healing encompasses not only medical expertise but also empathy and understanding. Our unwavering dedication to delivering "kind" care extends to patients, clients, caregivers, and the broader community. 

A nurse in a white lab coat sits at her desk. She holds a pen while reviewing a clipboard of papers in front of her.


At Kindcare, we believe that kindness is essential to the delivery of quality healthcare. We are committed to providing compassionate care to our patients, supporting the well-being of our caregivers, and fostering a culture of kindness in our community. We strive to create a healthcare system that values people first, and we believe that by prioritizing kindness, we can improve outcomes for both our patients and our caregivers. At Kindcare, we are dedicated to creating a kinder, healthier world for all. 


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