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Stay updated on our community connection initiatives.

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Part of spreading kindness includes reaching out to the communities we work in in order to grow alongside, educate with, and serve in ways that uplift them. We decided that the best way to connect our company, our employees, and our communities together was through monthly initiatives. These “Kind-Cares” initiatives will involve our partner facilities, the patients we serve, and the people in the communities that we serve in. Our Kind-Cares initiatives will be focused on addressing needs within our communities, whether they be physical, social, financial, or educational. 

Our monthly Kind-Cares newsletter will contain volunteer connections and opportunities so anyone who subscribes can stay updated on community needs. If you have an idea for a Kind-Cares initiative, submit it below! Want to get involved? Subscribe to our newsletter! 

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Have an Idea?

Want to let us know about a need in your community that needs addressed? Have an idea for a way to connect community members together? Send us an email to share your ideas!

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On the Blog

Read about our commitment to making a positive impact in the cities we serve on our blog page. Search the tag "Kind-Cares" to find out all about our community initiatives that have taken place.

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Caring with Kindness

Find out how we started, what drives us, and how we’re igniting opportunity for our employees and facilities we serve in to commit to kindness, health, and community involvement.

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