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Take the first step towards a career in the medical industry.

A stylized "K" gif. The K is drawn out, then followed by two dots above the final mark of the "K" mimicking a smiley face. Finally, one of the "eyes" of the smiling K winks.
A smiling CNA student in light blue scrubs poses for the camera. She is holding a book bag on one shoulder and a clipboard in the opposite hand. In the background, blurry CNA students crowd the hall she's standing in.

Due to COVID-19, our CNA classed are on hold.

Those interested in entering the medical career can begin their Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) classes with Kindcare by joining our “Nurses Etc.” education program. We offer monthly CNA classes, and set our students up to graduate with the confidence to function fully in the medical world. Kindcare offers small class sizes taught by a qualified professional to facilitate personalized learning and classroom enrichment. Students will complete our CNA program with the skills and license to provide direct care as a Certified Nursing Assistant, in addition to receiving extra Dementia Training and a CPR Certification. Once students graduate, they receive priority placement to our team of nurses and aides as a Kindcare employee. Kindcare even offers tuition assistance to qualified candidates to help connect more people with caregiving opportunities. Through the "Nurses Etc." education program, Kindcare strives to create an avenue that creates careers out of passions.

Want to take the first step and begin your medical professional journey with Kindcare?

A nursing student smiles as she types on a laptop. A stethoscope is slung about her neck.
A group of nursing students sit at a table together. Two are sharing an iPad while others have their own laptops or iPads to view. They appear to be in a discussion.


Complete your CNA Classes through Nurses Etc. in three short weeks. Upon graduation, new CNAs can directly sign up with Kindcare for immediate job placement.


Small class size, hands-on experiences, extra training, and one-on-one time with the teacher all contribute to our 95% pass rate. 


Students who receive their CNA Certification through Nurses Etc. also receive college credit towards further education.


Learn from a licensed professional with real-world expertise.  Our additional certifications, like CPR and dementia training, equip our students with knowledge to be ready for the job on day one.

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