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How Staffing Agencies Can Help Healthcare Facilities Overcome Staffing Obstacles in Uncertain Times

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the necessity for staffing services was pushed into the limelight. Because of the rapid surge in demand for health professionals to respond to the pandemic, healthcare providers resorted to staffing agencies to quickly satisfy the labor needs. After two years on the front lines of the pandemic, a large number of healthcare personnel are experiencing burnout, taking prolonged leaves, or even leaving the profession completely.

Finding employees to step in at the right time without spending a fortune is difficult for organizations, especially if HR is in-house. As the recent pandemic revealed, it's difficult to anticipate an organization's future employment demands as they expand and change with the times. When you outsource your staffing needs to an agency, your healthcare facility may explore a wide range of options to meet its particular needs.

This post demonstrates the need for a staffing agency like Kindcare in a precarious situation, and highlights the advantages of using healthcare staffing services to promptly locate adaptable and competent healthcare professionals.

Why Healthcare Organizations Need to Partner with a Staffing Firm

They provide access to excellent nursing personnel

Healthcare is about improving lives through outstanding patient care, not just science and biology. Your patients are physically and emotionally vulnerable when they enter your facility, and they'll trust your staff to help them. Because of this, the following point cannot be emphasized enough: it is not enough to just add people to your workforce; rather, you need to bring in employees who are competent and compassionate in order to contribute to the expansion of the patient care that you provide. Even a small error in the healthcare profession can cost someone's life. Staffing agencies undertake comprehensive screenings and background checks to deliver top-notch nurses who can significantly and safely influence your patients' lives.

Fast recruitment process

Did you know that it takes a healthcare organization an average of 46.5 days to discover one competent applicant? That's a lot of time your organization may spend on higher-value tasks, particularly patient care. Furthermore, the whole recruiting process for staffing your personnel takes longer while you wait for applications from the job advertisement you submitted. When it comes to staffing agencies, they don't start from scratch like in-house recruiters. As a result, they are able to quickly and readily draw from a large pool of pre-screened and qualified individuals since they are proactive in building their talent pool year-round. All you need to do is describe your requirements and they will handle the rest. Your company will be able to grow without fear of running into a personnel crisis.

They help you save on long-term expenditures

The longer the hiring procedure, the greater the CPH. Starting from scratch manually will generate one solid hire (at best) in 46 days. If you do the arithmetic, that's 46 days of time and money spent on a person you won't know is a good match until they join your organization. Engagement with a healthcare staffing agency that supplies fully-vetted nurses in half the time may save you money and enhance your revenues. Reduced expenses and adequate savings contribute to success. Investing in a trustworthy healthcare staffing service reduces financial risks for your firm.

You'll save more altogether.

They minimize employee turnover

With so much going on in healthcare facilities, they often require more employees. We think that if you take care of your workers, they will take care of your patients. As employee health declines, so does service quality. Burned-out staff may depart, leaving you with additional vacancies. Job satisfaction scores have hit an all-time low since 2010, mostly because firms failed to review on their employees' well-being and assist. 41% of employees experience burnout, and 45% are emotionally fatigued.

Consulting with a healthcare staffing agency may help mitigate burnout. Using these services allows you to better care for your staff and provide them a bit of rest. This kind of quality management won't go unrewarded and may deter employees from resigning too soon. Staff is your greatest asset. Investing in their well-being may generate significant rewards in patient care and a company's reputation.


When organizations find themselves in a position of uncertainty, the best way to move forward is to plan. There is nothing quite as necessary in healthcare as the caregivers themselves. Preparing a stress-free way to manage staffing can be the difference between winning and growing or stagnating and failing in the event of a recession.

Kindcare is a healthcare staffing agency that can help your medical facility find qualified healthcare workers such as Certified Nursing Assistants, Qualified Medication Aides, Licensed Practical Nurses, and Registered Nurses. We offer full-service staffing solutions including per diem, contract, and even permanent hire. Our employees are accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Contact us today at (866) 62-STAFF for integrated solutions in healthcare staffing.



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