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The Benefits of Working with a Healthcare Staffing Agency in Nursing School

It’s no secret nursing school keeps you busy. From stressful exams to labs and lectures, it feels like there’s never enough time in the day to do it all. But as every successful nursing school student knows, working in the industry while studying is the best thing you can do for your healthcare career.

This is exactly why so many student nurses are teaming up with healthcare staffing agencies like Kindcare to find flexible student jobs that allow them to invest in their careers, provide for their needs, and maintain a work-life-school balance.

What is a Healthcare Staffing Agency?

A healthcare staffing agency is an organization that provides you with nursing, CNA, and other healthcare positions and shifts on an as-needed basis. With current healthcare labor shortages, the demand is increasing even more, making it a win-win for healthcare facilities and student nurses alike.

Here are 5 key benefits of working with a staffing agency while in nursing school:


Benefits of Working with a Healthcare Staffing Agency as a Student Nurse or CNA

1. Flexibility

You have your anatomy test at 9, lecture at 12, and your study group at 5 — when do you have time for a consistent working schedule?

No stress. Working with a healthcare staffing agency like Kindcare will allow you to build your own schedule that works around your regular classes, holidays, exams, and events.

2. Competitive Pay

Most student jobs pay poorly and aren’t even in your field of work.

But when you work with a healthcare staffing agency, you can find jobs starting at $20/hour. Even more, Kindcare offers hourly pay above the average permanent student nurse and CNA positions in Indiana.

3. Networking and Career-building

While working in one hospital can help build relationships, working in multiple facilities can expand your network to ignite a strong foundation of connections for your career.

4. Real-world Experience

There’s nothing more valuable to your post-grad resumé than real-world experience. Working with an agency can empower you to learn and develop new skills in a variety of settings to open up career opportunities.

On top of technical skills, the flexible nature of the job will equip you with the communication and leadership skills needed to be successful in healthcare.

5. Mentorship

As you pick up shifts, you’ll get to meet other professionals who are well into their careers. Research shows mentorship is a key factor to success in reaching your goals after nursing school. Overall, studies reveal that any working professional with a mentor is 5x more likely to be promoted than those without mentors.


Find Flexible Student Jobs in Nursing School

Sound like the kind of student job you’ve been looking for? We’ll help you get started. At Kindcare, we empower nursing school students and professionals to find positions that work for their lifestyles, goals, and schedules. Whether you’re looking to be a QMA or CNA, we’ll connect you with some of the most prestigious healthcare facilities to boost your career and build a foundation for success.

Let’s find a student job that works for YOU. Get started here! We can’t wait to witness your growth and impact in the healthcare industry.

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