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Why December is the Best Time to Search for a New Job

While December is usually filled with holiday festivities and associated with slowing down and enjoying a break as we ring in a new year, what most people don’t know is that December is actually one of the BEST times to find a new job. If you are in the market for a career change or ready for a change in your work life, capitalize on the advantages of this month’s job market. Here are five ways why December is the best time to search for a new job.

1) There are new opportunities.

December can be a very busy season for retail, hospitality, sales, and a litany of other businesses; lots of part-time and temporary jobs can be found. These jobs always have the potential to hire on full-time or permanent positions after the holidays and being a temp-hire already puts your foot in the door. In addition, because companies plan for the year in advance, clearer budgets and measurables pave way for new job positions to be created and listed as we head into 2021. You can take advantage of companies planning their needs ahead of time.

2) You can get ahead of your competition.

Because most people tend to slow down and spend time with their families and relax during December, fewer people will be exploring the job market. This means you’ll have fewer competitors in the job pool when you apply for a new position. You will also stand out among your competitors as you maintain your job search throughout the holidays as a go-getter. Stay in constant contact with whoever is doing the hiring to stay in the front of their minds!

3) It is a favorable time to network.

The holidays are a great time to reach out to old work contacts, family, and friends. Aside from a general feeling of “holiday cheer” that makes some people more generous with information and opportunities, you never know who could land you your next role. Keep your eyes and ears open, keep it social, and catch-up with people to see if there is a way to get insider job tips.

4) HR managers and recruiters have more time.

With regular employees out of the office or away on holiday leave, recruiters and HR managers tend to have more time to answer emails and read resumes. Reach out to these decision-makers about the job you applied for. This shows interest and tenacity and keeps you as a contender in their options. These hiring managers will have more time to respond to you, and usually, your ambitious attitude will make you memorable. Even if there aren’t open positions, you could solidify your chance at a future position if you stand out.

5) Old positions open up.

Between employees leaving after end-of-year bonuses or just quitting to start the year with a new job, employers can be left scrambling to fill positions. Recruiters will be pressed to fill these positions with more urgency and being available and present when employers experience loss might be the difference between finding a new job by the end of the year and waiting until 2021. That’s why it’s important to stay in contact with recruiters and be responsive. It is easier to hire in a pinch when you have a person on deck waiting, and you could be that person for them.

Searching for a new job is never a fun or easy activity, but you can feel bolstered in your job search with these advantages. Don’t let December pass by and start a job search in January when companies start focusing on new projects rather than hiring. Get a head start now so you can start 2021 with a new job (or at least be first in line for new prospects!)

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