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When Nurses Etc. Staffing first started in 2009, our CEO, Richelle, had worked as a nurse for local staffing agencies for ten years. This time she spent caring for patients, communicating with clients, and juggling her home life afforded her the knowledge and experience needed when she started her new endeavor- to create a staffing agency that truly served not just patients, but clients and caregivers as well. Nurses Etc. started out as a vision to deliver high standards and quality care while bringing the sense of “home” back into nursing facilities.  


When Richelle was informed the company she was working for would no longer be staffing in Indiana, she decided it was officially time to strike out on her own. She used her very last paycheck as a nurse to start her own business. When Richelle finally got her first shift, it was after multiple rejections. However, Richelle knew that all she had to do was keep contacting people and keep pushing- someone would take the chance on her. Soon, Richelle picked up additional clients and additional shifts, and word about the quality of care she was providing spread. Eventually, it got to a point where Richelle was working 24 hour shifts, and she couldn’t keep up with the phone calls from clients wanting her to work. She would sleep in her car between shifts, and had to give up time with her family to make sure that she was taking care of all of the clients’ needs. 


Eventually, Richelle was able to establish an “on call” phone, and hire her very first employee to work alongside her. From that point, Nurses Etc. really began to take off. However, Richelle’s vision still was the driving force for company expansion: a vision to serve patients, clients, and caregivers not just within, but outside of the parameters of healthcare as well. Within a few years, Richelle was able to create a program within Nurses Etc. to offer CNA Certification courses. These courses not only provided educational access in her local area, but also included extra learning material to help new CNAs approach every patient with confidence and respect, navigate agency staffing, and obtain special certifications. 


In the face of the ever-changing world of healthcare, Nurses Etc. Staffing was able to provide education, jobs, and staffing support for ten years to caregivers, patients, and clients in Indiana communities. However, Richelle still wanted to do more, achieve more. She began to expand on her original mission- to connect with, grow alongside, educate, and serve the community. In 2020, Kindcare came into fruition.

Kindcare is, simply put, the embodiment of our goal: truly “kind” care that encompasses our employees, our caregivers, our clients, the patients we serve, and the communities we serve in. Through Kindcare, we created our dollar matching program for furthering CNA education. In addition, Kindcare has allowed for the launch of our “One Million Hours” campaign to encourage and help our caregivers support their community. Finally, through creating Kindcare, we are able to connect with our local communities to give back to create beneficial initiatives that care for and support not just patients and caregivers, but their friends and family as well. Kindcare focuses on a healthy work-life balance and sustainable lifestyle for our caregivers. We seek for all of our patients we encounter to be treated with dignity and care that exceeds expectations. Kindcare endeavours to provide facilities with better patient outcomes and superior, reliable support. We aim to not just be feet on the floor in the realm of healthcare, but leave footprints. Kindcare strives to be a foundation of kindness in every aspect.

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