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Why Healthcare Professionals are Real-Life Superheroes

2020 showed us there was a new definition to the word “superhero”- when medical professionals all over the globe stepped up to help fight against a virus the world has never seen, they showed us that superheroes were more than just capes and powers. Real superheroes are the doctors, nurses, support staff, janitorial staff, aides, and every other healthcare professional who faced an unprecedented time in history with bravery, empathy, and perseverance.

Here are FIVE reasons why healthcare professionals are real-life superheroes:

1) They are healers. Healthcare professionals don’t need superpowers to save lives, heal illnesses, and keep the public safe. That’s just who they are.

2) They are brave. Medical staff everywhere faced a virus that the world had never seen before. Even if they felt scared, they selflessly showed up to their jobs caring for others, even if it meant putting themselves at risk.

3) They are leaders. Because of their knowledge and expertise, the public looked to our medical professionals for advice, comfort, and example when it came to combatting illness.

4) They are strong. Caring for individuals requires both physical and mental strength, and our healthcare heroes exhibited both as they cared for sick patients during the epidemic. From donning PPE and working 8-hour shifts with no food, water, or bathroom breaks, to being at their patients’ bedside to offer critical care and support, our medical staff showed strength beyond words during 2020.

5) They inspire hope. Many times during the epidemic, when situations felt scary and hopeless, healthcare professionals made efforts to reassure, comfort, and lift- up not just their patients and their families, but also the rest of the world. They told stories, they educated, they informed. Healthcare professionals were, and still remain, beacons of hope during this public health crisis.

Not all superheroes wear capes- a lot of them wear scrubs! With constitutions of steel, hearts of gold, and champion attitudes, medical professionals have been the unsung heroes of 2020 (and frankly, every year.)


That's why, at Kindcare, we decided to launch our “Face Behind the Mask” campaign and giveaway in order to give back to our healthcare heroes. We're honoring our caregivers by partnering with local business Uptown Beauty Joint ( to gift them brow and lash services. For over a year, healthcare heroes have masked up to save lives. Now, we want to give some TLC to those faces behind the masks. No need for secret identities- our healthcare heroes deserve to be praised loud and proud! To enter our giveaway yourself or nominate a medical professional for a chance to win, visit our Facebook or Instagram pages here:

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