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Why Hospitals and Nursing Facilities Should Work with a Staffing Agency

Whether in a hospital, assisted living facility, or nursing home, adequate staffing is key to better patient outcomes. According to the American Nurses Association (ANA), multiple studies directly link patient safety to sufficient nurse staffing levels, while inadequate nurse staffing has been linked to more negative patient outcomes. Nurse fatigue also plays a major part in patient safety. According to a survey done by Kronos Inc. in 2013, nurse fatigue can unfortunately be directly related to errors and poor-quality care.

To combat inadequate staffing and employee fatigue, hospitals and nursing facilities can utilize a staffing agency (like us!) to help meet the dynamic staffing demands of healthcare.

Utilizing a staffing agency can not only help a hospital or nursing facility meet patient expectations but go beyond them to deliver superb care. Staffing can be unpredictable. Patients need care around the clock, and staffing employees to match that can be a challenge. A bout of illness in regular employees resulting in sick leave, an influx of patients, or a change in needs for the level of care can all leave a hospital or facility understaffed. A staffing agency can remedy a change in staffing needs by being able to fill orders 24/7, on short notice, and with qualified, ready-to-work individuals.

Partnering with a staffing agency also optimizes patient safety; by employing properly trained support staff to serve alongside regular employees, hospitals and facilities can prevent burnout, fatigue, and staff turnover among their own employees. A diverse pool of quality candidates ensures the ability to find a nurse or aide fit for any job and relieves pressure on existing staff. Providing support for existing staff can also boost employee morale.

Staffing agencies also perform administrative duties including onboarding, credentialing, payroll, insurance, and assuming tax liabilities. This saves time, money, storage, and interoffice employee resources. If a facility or hospital needs support staff in a pinch, this can be extremely helpful for shortages and regulating labor. 

Staffing agencies like Kindcare help improve patient outcomes, boost morale, reduce stress and fatigue on employees, increase safety, enhance the quality of service, and save time and money on inner office administration. If you represent a hospital or nursing facility and want to work with us, or know of one that could use our help, contact our client specialist at or call our office directly at +1 (866) 62-STAFF.

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